Kaevator Hedges & Shears ... Pruners !! MC 1.7.3

Some new stuff in the world of gardening!

I corrected the absence of damage to the shears and added some hedges shapes... But to craft them, you're gonna need a new tool: the Pruners!

To craft the shears, follow the recipe:

Left clicking on leaves will remove them with an increased speed and sometime drop sapling (nothing special there), right-clicking will always drop a hedge block that you can now place wherever you want.
Left-clicking on a hedge block with the shears will cut a side of the block and make a corner.

To craft the pruners, just follow this recipe:

Right-clicking on a hedge block (not on the leaves of a tree) will successively make the following results in order:

Then, if you missed the shape you wanted, you will have to left-click to destroy your block... 

This mod requires Modloader v1.7.3

- Risugami Modloader 1.7.3

- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.1 Minecraft 1.7.3
- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.1 Minecraft 1.7.3 (Mediafire)