SuperSlopes v2.1 for Minecraft 1.7.3 - Added smooth lights compatibility

This new version takes into account the smooth lights. By default (and for standard lighting compatibility), the opacity of the slopes is set on 0, but this parameter can be modified in the property file that you can find in the .minecraft/ directory (after launching the game once).

To install this mod, you will need Modloader 1.7.3

Here are the traditional readme file and property file

Here is what you should get with the smooth lights:

And there with the standard lights (former versions):

Ceiling stairs : 3 new types and a saw - Minecraft 1.7.3

Hi !

As it was requested a long time ago, I've been working on corners for the ceiling stairs.
It took some time, because I din't want to use more recipes and I had to find a new way to make my blocks, so here is the solution I found:
- The ceiling stairs will now be regrouped in a separated mod for those who don't want to use the slopes.
- The ceiling stairs from superslopes will be removed in a next version, you will need this new mod to add them.
- There are no recipes to craft the stairs, you have to craft a Saw that will allow you on a right click on any block to circle the different models of stairs.

This mod requires Modloader 1.7.3

Simply put the zip file in your .minecraft\mods folder.

To create the new blocks, you will first need a saw:

When right-clicking on a planks, cobblestone, glass, sandstone, dirt, stone, sand, blocksnow, grass, brick, gravel, gold, steel, obsidian or diamond block, you will circle the 4 different types of stairs as shown on the next picture:

Ta-dam !

Kaevator Hedges & Shears ... Pruners !! MC 1.7.3

Some new stuff in the world of gardening!

I corrected the absence of damage to the shears and added some hedges shapes... But to craft them, you're gonna need a new tool: the Pruners!

To craft the shears, follow the recipe:

Left clicking on leaves will remove them with an increased speed and sometime drop sapling (nothing special there), right-clicking will always drop a hedge block that you can now place wherever you want.
Left-clicking on a hedge block with the shears will cut a side of the block and make a corner.

To craft the pruners, just follow this recipe:

Right-clicking on a hedge block (not on the leaves of a tree) will successively make the following results in order:

Then, if you missed the shape you wanted, you will have to left-click to destroy your block... 

This mod requires Modloader v1.7.3

- Risugami Modloader 1.7.3

- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.1 Minecraft 1.7.3
- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.1 Minecraft 1.7.3 (Mediafire)

SuperSlopes K3 V2 - Select your materials

As I saw lots of request for a light version of the mods with less materials (associated to the fact that I never use some of them), I found a way to select the slopes you want to see in the game and thus reduce the number of Block ID used by this mod.
I also changed the recipe of ground and ceiling slopes to become compatible with one mod.
And last but not least, I'll change the way I count the versions of the mod, because the previous one was too similar to MC versions and made some confusion.
These changes are explained in the readme file below.

To install this mod, you will need Modloader V1.5_01

- Risugami Modloader 1.5_01

- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v2 MC 1.5_01 (Adfly = support)
- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v2 MC 1.5_01 (Alternate link)

Here are the traditional readme file and property file

Kaevator Hedges & Shears MC 1.5_01

In order to try something else, I made a small mod allowing you to craft shears and then harvest leaves which will then make beautiful hedges for your garden.

This mod requires Modloader v1.5_01

- Risugami Modloader 1.5_01

- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.0 (Adf.ly = support)
- Kaevator Hedges&Shears v1.0 (Mediafire)

To craft Shears, simply follow the recipe on this picture:

These shears will allow you to cut leaves faster with left click and drop leaves block with right click.

SuperSlopes K3 v1.4, added some slopes (compatible MC v1.4_01)

This new update comes with two improvements:
- 4 new slopes blocks that will help you finish your rooftops.
- Separation of SuperSlope blocks in 3 different mods if you want to install only some of them.

This mod requires Modloader 1.4

Here are the traditional readme file and prop file

Then, if you feel that you would need to free some block ID's, you can download the blocks separately 4 by 4. (These packs can be combined)
- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.4 only slopes
- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.4 only corners
- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.4 only interior corners

Here are the 4 new blocks added in this version, they come in 15 different materials, as others.

Oblique slope:

Slopes intersection:

Completed rooftop:

SuperSlopes K3 v1.3 Modloader V5, 15 materials, 8 blocks !!

Here comes the new SuperSlopes!

As I finally managed to reduce the number of block Id's, I was able to add more materials and corner slopes to the SuperSlopes mod using just 30 block ID's.

In the same time, I took the opportunity of a new Modloader to make all the updates at once and start my mod on a new "cleaner" basis.
This is why your former maps shouldn't be compatible with this update, unless you remove all the SuperSlopes blocks in your map (with the previous version of the mod).

Ok, no more talk, here are the required files (I don't pack everything in a single file to let you visit and support the other mods).

- Risugami Modloader V5

- Shokah's Block IDs+

- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.3

The installation instructions are in this readme file.
My mod automatically creates a prop file in the .minecraft folder that allows you to modify the conflicting ID's, if you want to download this file to make your own sauce, you can find it there.

One more thing: Modloader V5 should remove all the conflicts in block rendering, which means that there shouldn't be anymore compatibility issues with FancyPack if ChocolateySyrup updates it to Modloader V5.

Here are the blocks and recipes (all of them exist in 15 materials)

Ceiling Stairs

Ground slopes

Ceiling slopes


Ground angle

Ceiling angle

Ground slanted corner

Ceiling slanted corner