Ceiling stairs : 3 new types and a saw - Minecraft 1.7.3

Hi !

As it was requested a long time ago, I've been working on corners for the ceiling stairs.
It took some time, because I din't want to use more recipes and I had to find a new way to make my blocks, so here is the solution I found:
- The ceiling stairs will now be regrouped in a separated mod for those who don't want to use the slopes.
- The ceiling stairs from superslopes will be removed in a next version, you will need this new mod to add them.
- There are no recipes to craft the stairs, you have to craft a Saw that will allow you on a right click on any block to circle the different models of stairs.

This mod requires Modloader 1.7.3

Simply put the zip file in your .minecraft\mods folder.

To create the new blocks, you will first need a saw:

When right-clicking on a planks, cobblestone, glass, sandstone, dirt, stone, sand, blocksnow, grass, brick, gravel, gold, steel, obsidian or diamond block, you will circle the 4 different types of stairs as shown on the next picture:

Ta-dam !