SuperSlopes now compatible with Modloader and prop files

Great news!

After shaking the minecraft modding box in all direction, I finally found how to implement ModLoader in the SuperSlopes and to make a prop file to help solving conflicting ID's.

All you need is:

Risugami's ModLoader 1.2 02v4 (direct link)

Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.1 ModLoader

Follow the instructions in the readme.txt to make it work, don't forget to backup all your files before any modification.

I also added a prop file system (courtesy of TehKrush) that detects the conflicting ID's and write them into a KaevatorSuperSlopes.props file in your .minecraft directory where you can modify them and avoid conflicts with others mods.
To install directly this file and set your ID's up, download it there.

And to celebrate this step forward into compatibility, here is a picture of SuperSlopes in action thanks to Kumanji.

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