ChocolateySyrup FancyPack Compatibility


As I saw that the compatibility with FancyPack seemed to be a huge limitation for you Minecrafters, I spent some time studying ChocolateSyrup code and implemented his Rendering functions in a common rendering file that allows you to use both mods together.

For this, you will need, in order of installation:

I won't explain the installation process again, here is the readme file, you have to put all these files inside a clean minecraft.jar in the above order, so that the new bt.class erase the previous one.

Thanks to Risugami, Shockah and ChocolateySyrup for their work.

SuperSlopes + FancyPack


  1. Could you maybe compress these into a .zip folder for TFC mod manager. IT automatically does all the modding for me. The mod loader for Risugami is compatible wiht this one so would it be compatible wiht TFC as well?

  2. (as Savagehart)

    This totally awesome and solves about 80% of my current mod compatibility frustration. Now if I (or someone smart) could get the better stairs mod to work and play nicely with the above mods I would be ecstatic!

  3. @Anonymous:
    I had the idea to make zip files with everything inside, but for this, I would need the agreement of ChocolateySyrup and other modders, he didn't answer for now so I think it would be unfair to do so.
    I know that the modders world is in the margin of legality but I wouldn't like to steal anything to anyone!

  4. I like your mods and say thanks to you, here is something what I think you want us to do:
    Kind regards Norzeteus