SuperSlopes K3 v1.3 Modloader V5, 15 materials, 8 blocks !!

Here comes the new SuperSlopes!

As I finally managed to reduce the number of block Id's, I was able to add more materials and corner slopes to the SuperSlopes mod using just 30 block ID's.

In the same time, I took the opportunity of a new Modloader to make all the updates at once and start my mod on a new "cleaner" basis.
This is why your former maps shouldn't be compatible with this update, unless you remove all the SuperSlopes blocks in your map (with the previous version of the mod).

Ok, no more talk, here are the required files (I don't pack everything in a single file to let you visit and support the other mods).

- Risugami Modloader V5

- Shokah's Block IDs+

- Kaevator SuperSlopes K3 v1.3

The installation instructions are in this readme file.
My mod automatically creates a prop file in the .minecraft folder that allows you to modify the conflicting ID's, if you want to download this file to make your own sauce, you can find it there.

One more thing: Modloader V5 should remove all the conflicts in block rendering, which means that there shouldn't be anymore compatibility issues with FancyPack if ChocolateySyrup updates it to Modloader V5.

Here are the blocks and recipes (all of them exist in 15 materials)

Ceiling Stairs

Ground slopes

Ceiling slopes


Ground angle

Ceiling angle

Ground slanted corner

Ceiling slanted corner


  1. Will this work with fancy pack hoss?

  2. Yes, it will, as soon as FancyPack will get updated for Modloader V5.
    The big interest of Modloader V5 for me is that it removes compatibility issues between mods modifying the blocks shapes.

  3. What is it not compatible with?

  4. It's only compatible with awesomeness!

    Ok, seriously, It should be compatible with all mods using Modloader V5; Some conflicts can appear with Block ID's, recipes, item ID's, but I can't tell which mods because I don't know.

  5. i have lots of mods with modloader v4, can i have both v4 and v5 installed at the same time?

  6. please update for minecraft 1.2.5

  7. bonjour je voudrai savoir si tu as une version compatible 1.1-R3 et si oui l'est elle en mode multiplayer merci d'avance pour ta réponse

  8. Hey, the kaevator slopes download for minecraft 1.8.9 doesn't work, could someone please fix it?